Light is your USP.

Light is your USP.

Create a unique shop lighting concept that distinguishes your design.

Light is your USP.

Discover the endless possibilties ...

Light is your USP.

... with tunable White LEDStrips you can create atmosphere and subtle lines of light at the same time ...

Light is your USP.

... and set the stage for brilliant products.

Light is a warm welcome for your ideas.

OSRAM provides 360 degree shop lighting solutions for your project. With optimal systems, you can create just the right effect to highlight products perfectly or to gently guide people through a shopping mall.

In other words: with solutions from OSRAM, you are best prepared to tap the full potential of light in all its facets. Be inspired by the amazing options provided by today’s state-of-the-art light design.

CRI 90 – brilliant shoplighting for clothing a sample LINEARlight Flex system solution
LINEARlight Flex Power LED module

Use light as your USP

Find out more about our tailor-made lighting solutions for every business imaginable.

Light is actual news.

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LINEARlight Flex® Power Meat White

Your juicy goods in the right color

available soon

LINEARlight Flex® Power Veggie White

Fresh and appetizing fruits and vegetables

available soon

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Shine a light on your qualities

Put your buildings in focus. Attention-grabbing LED lighting draws customers and guests and generates trust by the high levels of recognition.

Example system

A real pleasure to come in

Modern entrance lighting is more than just light. It attracts attention, guides visitors into the shop, and creates the perfect starting point for every shopping experience ... more

Example system